Adelyn usually has wethers for sale all year round and can match your requirements with our wethers.

From young friendly alpacas that are great to bond with people, to the older wethers that are ideal for the herd protection of sheep, goates , pigs etc. that will reduce the potential losses from dog or fox attacks. Our wethered alpacas are usually available in a variety of colours from white to black.



We currently have several to choose from and would welcome enquiries to discuss the price of a single alpacas or multiple numbers for herd protection with Adelyn being able to offer a negotiated delivery fee if you are unable to pick up you purchase.


Please note that we prefer to sell wethers that will be placed in a group of 2 or more as alpacas are a herd animal.

please contact us for details on our wethers as follows

jeffery@adelynalpacas.com.au or tel/fax +61 (0)3 5266 1215




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